Tim's {Tim Schiele} '65 Mustang Coupe

Here it is, today.

Here's what it looked like when I got it.

She is a '65 California car who has been in Northern California since made in
San Jose. The paint is antique white which is very close to wimbeldon white
and has a red and black combination interior (originally red) to give that
custom look like the '69-70 Mach 1's. Power is a 200 cubic inch I6 with a
350 cfm Holley 2300 2 barrel, adjustable rockers, and mystery cam backed by a
C4 tranny. When I bought her May 22, 1998 she had been sitting for over a year
and was not running. The exterior was covered in Rustoleum blue satin spray paint
(can was still in the trunk :>) over 4 or 5 other coats of paint and the interior
was all original with the usual wear and tear from 30+ years of service (carpet was
mostly missing, drivers seat was faded and ripped, top of rear seat was cracked, doors
panels were missing, etc). Once the safety work was done (brakes, etc), she was designated
to daily driver status even before the windows would go up and down. Talking about hot in 100+
degree summer weather with the spray paint acting as an insulator keeping the heat in :>).
Over the next year she was brought to the extremely close to completion state she is in now
all while driving her every day. All of the work was done by me (along with help from my dad)
except for the final paint and the tranny with every single penny coming out of my pocket.
I had a Mustang restoration/restification under my belt when I was 20 :>).
Not bad for someone on a poor college students budget :>). Now that she is very,
very close to completion (minor little stuff which usually only I notice which should
be finished this summer) I am looking forward to starting another project, this time a drag racer :>).

Here's Tim's e-mail address.

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