FSTBK65's {Josh Morris} '65 Mustang fastback

Here is a pic of the car after my dad and I completed two year long
restoration on the car, which had been sitting since before I was born, 1985.

Engine is a 302 with Aluminum heads, solid lift cam, and roller rockers and Flowtech
ceramic coated headers. Ignition is MSD BTM with Pertronix. A 650 Holley double pumper
rests inside the aluminum carb enclosure, and is fed by a boost-referenced carter fuel pump.
The NOVI 1200 supercharger makes 8 pounds of boost. DYNO numbers soon!! The transmission
is a Toploader 4 speed with a Hurst shifter. The rear end houses a set of Moser axles and an
Auburn Pro Traction Lock with 3.55 Richmond gears.
The car has 215 75 14ís all the way around.

Here's Josh's e-mail address.

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