65racecoupe's {Jay Lalik } '65 Mustang coupe

It took 3 years and an extra part time job to finish.
I am in the NUMOA (run by the Eppersons).  My car was shot out on the Pony Trail
by Jeff Ford of Mustang and Fords magazine.  He wanted a YO member's car, 
and he saw mine.  Jeff is a cool guy I might add.
I am not sure if it ran in M&F due to me being overseas for the Air Force.  
It did get a small feature in Car Craft (feb.), but I have yet to see it.
I recently returned home and decided to take some pics due to the great 
March weather in Utah.
65 Coupe - Street Trans Am style (I guess)

331 ci stroker (www.mentaladdictionmotorsports.com)
Mustangs Plus Racing Suspension
SSBC 4 wheel discs
Tremec TKO 5 speed
Currie 9 inch 3.89s
Fuel Safe 22 gal cell
on and on and on
Here's Jay's e-mail address.
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